We require all tenants to meet the following guidelines to qualify for one or more of our rental properties.

1. Income

We require that your income be at least three times the amount of the monthly rental fee. This should be your gross income from all of your income-generating sources. If you don’t meet this requirement, another option for you is that you must have a savings account balance that equals the rental payments of two years.

If you are presently unemployed or retired, we require you to provide evidence of income. You may also qualify to rent our properties if you are a full-time student if your lease is guaranteed by a cosigner.

2. Rental History

We require all our tenants to have references from prior landlords. The references should be satisfactory and without bias. These references should be dated at least two years for you to apply for our rentals.

Moreover, to get in contact with your prior landlord, we require that you furnish all the necessary contact information.

We have a right to dismiss your application for our rentals if you’ve been evicted before. Also, we reserve the right to reject your rental application if we learn that there have been a case or cases of disobedience to the lease in the previous tenancies that you’ve had.

Homeowners are required to provide evidence of proper mortgage payment history, proof of ownership, and maintenance.

3. Credit History

Your credit history must meet the guidelines of our credit score policy. It should also be satisfactory. We have a right to reject a rental application that shows a violation of any lease obligations or unpaid rent.

4. Credit Score Policy

We require all our tenants to have a good credit score. We have a right to acquire it from any relevant agency. For us to approve your credit score, it must meet two criteria:

  • All accounts should be current.
  • No bankruptcy filings within the last one and a half years.

5. Guarantors or Co-Signers

If your guarantor or co-signers meet all our criteria, we may still be able to approve your rental application even if you don’t meet the criteria.

6. Move-In

We require all of our rental applicants to pay their full deposit upon the approval of their application. The security deposit is one month’s rental payment. Besides the deposit, the applicant must also pay the full rent for the first month before keys are exchanged.

Both the security deposit and the first month’s rental payment must be in the form of a cashier’s check or money order.

7. Roommates

Roommates are separately and jointly responsible for lease terms. Therefore, all tenants may be negatively affected should one violate a lease or rental agreement.

8.  Application Process

We assess each rental application according to the following criteria:

  • You must submit your application and answer all questions on the form truthfully and completely. Adults aged 18 years or above, or couples who are married, must pay a non-refundable application fee and provide all the required supporting documents.
  • We will exhaustively review your credit reports, and rental and employments references to confirm that all our criteria are met.

If our criteria are met, we’ll have no other option than to approve your rental application. The opposite is true if you don’t meet our criteria. The entire procedure usually takes anywhere from a day to five days.

The length of time it takes to process your application depends on your references’ availability.

Should there be more than one qualified application, our policy behooves us to approve applications on a first come, first-served basis.

9. Falsified Information

We will reject your rental application if we find evidence that suggests falsified documents or information. Even after we’ve qualified your rental application, any falsified information discovered later will be considered as sufficient grounds to evict you.

10. Fairness

We are fair in our rental procedure. All tenants pass through the same rental application process. We completely adhere to federal fair housing regulations, which protect tenants from discrimination based on certain protected classes. The protected classes are religion, familial status, national origin, sex, race, or disability. Some states may have more classifications.

11. Policy on Housing Availability

Before marketing our rental properties, we first ensure that these are rent-ready. This means that each property is clean and in good shape.

12.  Occupancy Guidelines

The guidelines on fair housing allow us to restrict the numbers of tenants living in any one rental unit. Specifically, it requires us to abide by the Two Adults Per Room Plus One Policy. This helps prevent overcrowding and stress on vital systems such as plumbing.

13. Pet Policy

You will be required to sign a separate Pet Lease Addendum if keeping pets is negotiable at the property in question. The addendum contains the guidelines of our pet policies.

14. Rental Agreement

We require you to sign the lease or rental agreement after your rental application is approved. The lease or rental application is a legally binding contract between the management company and you.

It contains all your rights and responsibilities. We encourage all of our tenants to fully understand them. We will always be available should clarifications on any lease term be required.

In addition to the requirements mentioned above, the lease or rental agreement requires you to:

  • Notify the management of any guests staying at your rental property for a prolonged period.
  • Never engage in any criminal activity.
  • Notify the management of needed repairs and maintenance.
  • Restrict behavior within your household that violates any lease term.

We reserve the right to terminate your tenancy should you seriously or repeatedly violate any terms of the lease.