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Own It Detroit provides you a turnkey real-estate investment solution through preferred houses in communities and trusted neighborhoods of Detroit. Only now, do you have the golden opportunity to easily purchase completely refurbished quality homes, with renters that are securely chosen to bring you quick return on investments.


Image the day where possessing property that creates high yields in your investment allows you to the make the most money possible. This chance doesn’t come around often but allows you the opportunity to purchase as many homes as you desire. This extraordinary turnkey approach to investing that we have created at Own It Detroit, makes it easy for both beginners and seasoned investors to bring home instant returns. This astonishing moment in Detroit real estate is red hot and creating returns that are rarely found in modern property management. Call Own It Detroit today to find out more information on these incredible real estate opportunities! (313) 254-4184

This Rare Investment Chance Will Provide High Yields And Low Initial Costs On Detroit Real Estate

that this exceptionally affordable home venture can bring to your investment portfolio. These safe and exceedingly lucrative real estate investments with Own It Detroit are packed with reliable renters and renovation jobs that have already been completed. Furthermore, several of our houses have happened to be refurbished to keep your prices low and are updated with new HVAC units. You will see quality, the long-lasting workmanship on the interior and exterior finishes that has brought great renters who plan to remain in Detroit for a long time.

As experienced real estate brokers and investors ourselves, we hold years of expertise in working with local and national authorizes. Own It Detroit has utilized our knowledge of real estate investment to create a straightforward and successful turnkey investment approach that guarantees unleashed profitable yields. While reaping the benefits of the numerous federal dollars being poured into the Metro Detroit and Detroit area, your profits will open up increased and new economic growth that additionally will create added value to your global property investments.


Make The Most Out Of Experienced Detroit Real Estate Agents With Experienced Property Managers

Own It Detroit is a proficient real estate brokerage firm that is developed an exceptionally successful business through trust, honesty and mutual respect. We ensure win-win business relationships through proven investment strategies! Our carefully chosen team of seasoned professionals shines in all areas of real estate investing including, real estate sales, property management and mortgages within Michigan. It’s even possible to invest without cash.

Own It Detroit will guarantee each investment property with a fully-renovated house with the occupied renter and entire property management, already in-place. This is truly a turnkey real-estate investment strategy designed to optimize your gains and minimize the workload and investment risk.

With a fast and simple phone call to Own It Detroit, will give you the chance to learn more about these amazing real estate investments. These are incredibly profitable, proven and exciting opportunities that are waiting to be handled by new or experienced investors, such as yourself.

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