Joshua Messian

Out of state investor here. Mousa and his team are amazing. They took care of everything from finding a great deal rehabbing it then renting it out and managing the property. Process was efficient and smooth and communication was great. Would absolutely recommend.

sundeep rele

Truly Awesome Team!! Mousa and his team manage our rental home in Detroit. They have been incredible - finding the right tenant quickly; being fair to the tenant and the owner; accurate bookkeeping; doing any and all needed upkeep and maintenance. Mousa Sue Sharif Glen Hassan Renia Alex… this is a hard working team great to work with and has given us results. Would highly recommend them both for owners as well as renters.

Nakeeia Ross

Been living with them for 2yrs and they were very helpful and understanding literally..

Paul Piciocchi

Worked with Sue and Doug at OID and they were wonderful. Handled a large migration successfully provided excellent reports and were extremely responsive even on the weekends. Thank you to the whole OID team!

Cynthia Bedoy

Professional and thourough. Quick to respond.

Jim Walsh

I have been with Own It Detroit for almost 6 years. They have been the most honest and reliable property management team that I have dealt with in the 15 years of owning property in Detroit. You Will Not Be Disappointed!

jeremiah lumpkin

Hey guys my Id like to personally thank Mr. Musa he took my call and didn’t even have too. I reached not knowing the amount of information I was even in store for. He was very direct and helpful without a doubt and I wish to do business in the future! When you call be prepared if you’re blessed enough to get a guy like him on the other end for sure!

Michael Pompeo

Very helpful professional and responsive!

Alexa Bednarz

Wanda is a fantastic property manager very professional and responsive.

Brian Mosallam

Great service. Great communication. Great results! I worked with Mousa and his team for nearly two years and put a considerable amount of capital to work. Highly recommend.

F Ramos

Wanda and Mousa are great! They respond to you right away. They have been taking care of my properties in Detroit area for several years. They keep you updated to anything that is happening with your properties. I recommend them for any investor looking for deals in the Detroit area.

Brian Ford

Own It Detroit is more than just a “one stop shop” for anyone investing in the Detroit market. Mousa and his team have proven to me that a great property management company is truly worth its weight in gold.I have purchased a total of 6 properties through Own It Detroit over the past 2 years and I can honestly say that they have exceeded my expectations.Professionalism transparency accountability responsiveness honesty and integrity are a few things you can expect when working with Mousa and his team.I highly recommend Own It Detroit and I’m looking forward to investing with them again in the near future.

Nikitas Tsoukales

My property manager Sue is professional precise and always responds quickly. She's done a marvelous job during these very difficult times helping our renters. Great work Sue.

Tony Zee

I live in Philadelphia and I have owned a property managed by Mutual Property Management since 2013. I never have to go back for a single issue. They are taking care my rental house like their own. I am so lucky to have them!

Ian Perchik

Wanda responds to my emails within 24 hours.

Hernando Ramirez

I engaged Own It Detroit to manage my rental properties a couple of months and I am extremely pleased with their performance and reliability. They have completed required repairs timely and at reasonable cost they recover some lost rents through financial aid from the City and the tenants feel reassured they are in good hands.

Darryl Talley

The Mutual Team is a great organization and their very understanding and willing to help anyone thats in need.

Pamela Parker

My experience with mutual property management has been fair and professional. My property manager WANDA is the best ! they have worked with me and we both triumphed from them doing so. I am pleased and so grateful. Even the maintainance department is great

Manuel Rivera

Sue is the best! Can't get better than her! She took the time to explain owners statements to us really cares about the tenants and goes above and beyond to keep please in their homes. Works out payment plans signs tenants up for financial assistance and all the while explaining all this to the owners of the properties. Great work Sue A++

G Gomes

I called Own it Detroit looking for a investment property. Mousa and his team found me a great deal and took care of all the details. Now I own 3 properties that I bought through them and that they manage for me. They are so hands on that I get to be hands off. The only thing I have to be hands on is on the 💰 cash flow that is deposited in my account every month. Thank you Mousa and your team. I’m looking forward to getting more properties..👊🏼

Mauricio Idarraga

Own It manages over 60 properties for us for a year now and our experience has been excellent. Very responsive timely cost effective and truly acting like a partner.

Miguel Lopez

It's been a pleasure working with Mousa and his team. I recently had an opportunity to work with Amal and like Mousa she was awesome! They are professional and provide top notch customer support when needed. I highly recommend this team if you plan to invest in Detroit.

Robin Moffitt

Investing in Detroit over the past several years has been an interesting experience for sure! My company is based in Idaho so it is crucial to have an honest professional management company handling our multi family investment portfolio....it's an integral part of the success of our investment performance. Mousa and his team have been stellar in their communication knowledge and care of our portfolio. I have been an investor Broker Instructor in Real Estate for 46 years. I can honestly say I am very impressed with "Own It Detroit" as a professional company and highly recommend them for their excellent services.

Kathleen Roberts

I am an out of state investor. After suffering through three different property MISmanagement companies in six years I discovered Own It Detroit. My experience with them has been great! Mousa Ahmed and his team are responsive and honest. They deliver! I would recommend them without hesitation.

Akili Trice

Very professional you all are the best!!!

Steven Saleh

If you’re looking for an investment company that has everything you need and will meet all of your expectations then please read this review:The truth of the matter is since Robert Kiyosaki’s “Cash-Flow-Quadrant 101” and for the past 15 years I have been making investments in businesses hedge funds and pretty much anything that would catch me a return on my money that was just resting idle in the bank. I couldn’t bare to watch my money hibernating and I always wanted it working. Over the years I have won some and I have lost. During my journey I sometimes found reliable companies that I would say fit just the “status quo” and at other times I found that many companies or even individual people were deceiving and they did not always fulfill their original commitments. I discovered that they in the beginning of our deals (contract) would be enthused to quickly take my money but then later take their sweet time getting it back or never giving it back at all. My principal and return would get caught up in a web of confusion or excuses as to why it was not fluently coming back into my bank account accordingly. Overall I found the majority of my investment deals ended in a bundle of excuses and riddles or I found myself revamping my original contracts and settling for less than what I bargained for.This was my experience until 2 years ago I decided to invest with a local investment group that came highly recommended by a friend--the name of company is "Own It Detroit." It was a suitable name for an organization that was well versed with the strong movement that has been taking place in the Detroit Metropolitan area for the past few years and they have mastered the art of being directly involved in all of "it." The moment that I sat down with the Investor Relations Expert of this company I soon realized that there truly can be investment companies that are organized transparent and honest. I know that we can all agree that “trust” and great track record are some of the most important attributes that we expect from someone that we are investing with. But what if they also had a great management team a defense barrier or back-up plan an amazing track record other growth opportunities and most importantly a simple and straight-line approach to communication?What if there was a company that had all of this? Well "Own It Detroit" has made it a point to place call of these characteristics in their company and I have seen them manifest. I simply wanted the “what you see is what you get” approach and I got this and everything else. I have never invested my money with a company that was so organized and perfect with their commitments and results. "Own It Detroit" has been the best company I have ever invested with and I would literally leave every penny with them. My return was promptly deposited each and every month for 2 years straight and when my contract dated the principal check was cut and promptly returned back to me. Because of their astounding approach and methods of doing business my entire experience was sweat-free and there was never a time that my money weighed heavy on my conscious. I literally slept every night with no worries. Now that my money sits idle again I feel as if I am missing out on another opportunity with "Own It Detroit" and I cannot wait to invest with them again. My family and myself want to say thank you from depths of our heart for being so trustworthy and for being above the status quo. We understand you are only following your protocol and doing what you normally do but what you have done has greatly helped us over the years.If you are an investor that is looking for all of the attributes aforementioned then I recommend that you take action with this company immediately sit-back and watch your money effortlessly grow.Thank you "Own It Detroit

william parrish

It has been my pleasure and to my advantage to do business with this management company. They have great properties and are swift in solving issues that arise.

Ciearra Clarke

Great company! Love how convenient it is to pay rent. You guys get work orders done in a short time span. Love the communication you have with your tenants!Keep up the good work and stay blessed! ☺️

Dawn Messenger

Very helpful and professional

Ylet Noelle

Thank you! Already you have surpassed ANY property management company that I have had dealings with. Your compassion for my situation is heart warming. I look forward to a long and lasting relationship with you at Own it Detroit!

Jack Murray Deal Maker

Excellent Service with Outstanding Results

Gordon Brown

This organization provides all aspects of real estate from development sales and property management. They provide excellent service responsiveness and expertise. I own a completely remodeled 1951 colonial rental home in the coveted North Rosedale neighborhood of Detroit. Highly recommend.


I’m happy with their service. They do correctly and timely what I expect from a property manager. Especially Wanda is excellent property manager. She is knowledgeable and is taking good care of both landlord and tenant which I appreciate for long term stability. From my experience I’ll recommend them as property management company.

Vuxx Ak

Amazing man Mousa Ahmad would love doing business with him again.

chris torgerson

Fantastic company! They took my portfolio in Detroit that was in a shambles and put it back together with reliable tenets. It took six months but they stuck with me and with putting my portfolio back together. Thanks Mousa and team!

Brandi Shure

As an out of state real estate investor a good property manager is key for success Own It Detroit and more specifically Mousa Ahmad is just that! Not to mention Own It Detroit also helps you find profitable properties and renovates as well as repairs things as needed. My husband and I have been with Own It Detroit as owners for a year and we are very satisfied with the service we've received! They are professional trustworthy accessible and you are made to feel that you are part of the team. We highly recommend Own It Detroit!

David Tirosh

I have had the pleasure of dealing with Mousa directly. He helped me undertake a massive remolding project in Detroit. I have dealt with tens of people in Detroit to make this project happen and I would say that Mousa is by far the most reliable resourceful action oriented individual I encountered. Words are cheap everywhere but especially in Detroit. Actions are rare and Mousa made it happen for me so many times. From strategy consultation to reliable tradesmen he provided it all generously and efficiently. There was zero nonsense. If he tells you he will do something consider it done. priceless asset

Peter Grosso

Own it Detroit turned around my after my last property manager nearly destroyed it. They will always shoot you straight and do what needs to be done. They get my full recommendation.

Nicole Pendergrass

I "met" Mousa Ahmad years before I actually ended up doing business with him. He was always very patient with my phone calls and questions explaining what they offer very thoroughly. You can tell he knows his stuff and is extremely knowledgeable about the Detroit market. As a member of the Acquisitions Team for NEAR US LLC we had purchased a few properties in Detroit from a tax sale. After having serious issues with a few different property management and construction companies I introduced Mousa and his team at Mutual Property Management to the group. Once we switched over management them they systematically began to correct the issues caused by the other companies to get us back on track. Mutual worked with us every step of the way. Even when we decided to sell they still showed how important relationships are to them by going above and beyond to assist. Detroit is hard but Mousa makes it easier!-Nicole Dunlap - NEAR US LLC Acquisitions Chair