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Choose Detroit Turnkey Investment Properties for Real Estate Success

Own It Detroit can help you take advantage of Detroit’s growing rental real estate market! With turnkey investment properties, we help set you up for real estate success.


We offer a premium selection of renovated rental homes in Metro Detroit and the surrounding area. These properties are updated, tenant occupied, and come with Own It Detroit expert property management services.

Our years of experience and ready-made investment properties take the stress out of real estate investing, so you can sit back and watch your money grow! Property investors can see a fast return on their investment when choosing our turnkey solutions.

The Detroit real estate market is ideal for buyers right now! There are plenty of available, affordably-priced properties that we can quickly turn into high-yield, turnkey property investments for investors who are ready for more.

Contact Own It Detroit today to learn about our turnkey investment opportunities and experienced property management services!

Hassle-Free Turnkey Investing With Built-In Property Management

Passive real estate investing has never been easier! With the Own It Detroit proven formula for success, you can be a hands-off landlord with a property that earns money for you from the beginning. 

Our Detroit property management services allow property owners to step away from their investments and let us do the heavy lifting. You will not have to screen tenants, collect rent, answer maintenance calls, or do any of the tedious work that comes with property management—while generating passive income!

Maximizing Returns with Detroit Turnkey Investment Properties

With our Detroit residential rental properties, investors benefit from:

  Handpicked turnkey investment properties that yield the highest ROIs

  Custom, professional renovations that preserve the long-term value and integrity of each property

  Property managers with years of local experience to handle every hands-on detail of your rental properties
  Extensive tenant screening processes to protect your investments

  New HVAC units that cut maintenance costs and maximize energy efficiency

  Detailed property inspections to help ensure the security of your investment properties

  Detroit-based real estate professionals to help you reach your long-term financial goals.

As you look for your ideal turnkey property, we show you the projected monthly revenue for each one. You'll know what to expect from your investment and Own It Detroit property management services before purchasing your next rental property.

Making big money has never been easier!


Our Professional Real Estate Brokers Are Here for You!

Our professional team of brokers is here to help you capitalize on high-yield, turnkey investments in Detroit. With our years of experience, we know the ins and outs of Detroit’s housing market. Our brokers can show you the pros and cons of each property to help you make an informed decision about the best additions to your portfolio.

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