We are an expert Detroit Property Management company who understands your goals.  We have helped hundreds of investors create cash-flow while building equity in the local Market. We understand what renters look for in a rental in the local market. We also know what property owners expect from a property management company! From single-family homes to condos, duplexes to quadruplexes, all the way to the 15 story Apartment buildings downtown on the Riverfront, the Own It Detroit team helps property investors build and maintain a successful portfolio.

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You are only as good as your Manager in Detroit.  You can have the best house, on the best street, with the best tenant even; but if your management services are not strong, you will not hit your projections! Work with experts.  Work with Own it Detroit Property Management.  

Our team of Motor City property managers has decades of combined experience working in Detroit’s rental market. We offer the very best resources in acquisitions, renovations,  quality tenant placements, carry out repairs, rent collection, and much more!  Own It Detroit does all of this while you benefit from more free time—and profits!

Whether you live in Metro Detroit or you’re an out-of-state, or even out of Country investor, we have the answers and services you need to build your real estate portfolio locally!

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Why Hire Us?

You won't find this combination of high-end turnkey properties and expert-level property management services anywhere other than with Own it Detroit Property Management. If you want a thriving market to help grow your investment capital, this is the place to invest! Choosing OID is the hassle-free way to do it, and it's the option preferred by some of the largest real estate investors in the market!

We’re Different

Unlike other local property management companies, we ARE EXPERTS in managing Detroit specific properties! Our experience makes us the best team to help you benefit from the upside of the Detroit market. We also help our property investors avoid pitfalls!

We Pay You Monthly

Disbursement from your rental property income happens monthly! We use a third-party accounting process, so you can count on your funds to hit your account by the first week of each month.

We Communicate

Never wonder what’s happening with your property or when you’ll hear back from us! We promise a response to emails and phone calls within 24 hours. 

Non-Binding Management Agreement

We work for you with no minimum contract terms, no cancellation clause, and no termination fee! We want to do business with people who see the value in our services—not put you in a headlock because you signed the dotted line! If you are not happy at any time, you can walk away without a penalty or explanation!

We Are Licensed and Insured Real Estate Brokers

Not all property managers are real estate brokers! When you’re ready to add to (or reduce) your portfolio, we can help you buy, sell, or snag wholesale deals on Detroit real estate!

How We Help Your Properties Stand Out


Property Marketing

The success or failure of your Metro Detroit property can depend on keeping it occupied with quality tenants. At Own It Detroit, we put significant effort and resources into effective marketing for our property owners. We leave no tools behind in the toolbox! 

From creating compelling property listings posted on the hottest online rental websites, to utilizing our resources at the local Section 8 Housing Commissions, even working with local VA offices our marketing strategies ensure that only the best tenants occupy your properties. We target the highest-quality tenants to make sure you get paid every month—without the hassles that come with bad renters.

Tenant Screening Process

Tenant Screening

Our sophisticated screening process helps us pick the absolute best candidates as your tenants. Once our marketing campaigns attract a group of high-quality candidates, our screening process helps us avoid placing a potentially bad tenant in your property. Every applicant goes through a background screening process that includes credit history, criminal history, prior rental history, and income and employment verification.

Rent Collection

Rent Collection

Property investors shouldn’t waste time chasing down rental payments every month. At Own It Detroit, we take effective measures to make sure that your tenants pay their rent on time. Our online payment process and reminder system help property investors enjoy a reliable source of income each month.

Property Maintenance Services

Professional Maintenance Services

Routine maintenance saves you money and keeps tenants happy! Thanks to our business ties with local contractors and building companies in and around Metro Detroit, we provide top-grade workmanship for superior prices. From seasonal upkeep to effective emergency maintenance repairs, Own It Detroit property managers take excellent care of your properties.

Accounting Services

Financial Reporting

We proactively manage your investments to meet your financial expectations. Own It Detroit provides monthly financial reports and updates on your investment properties. Through your online portal, we make these reports available 24/7. As we monitor your properties and understand your goals, we can also recommend ways to get more out of your portfolio.

Eviction Management

Eviction Management

While we work hard to avoid placing bad tenants, sometimes it happens. With Own It Detroit, landlords don’t need to stress about nightmarish tenant eviction situations. 

We stand by our track record of choosing excellent tenants. However, when necessary, we respond to troublesome tenants with a no-nonsense, legal eviction process with the best results for our property owners.

Who We Are

We are experts in the local Detroit real estate market. We have built an infrastructure to match our expert knowledge of the marketplace to provide services that include acquisitions, renovations, tenant placement, rent collection, post-closing day-to-day services, and much much more! 

Contact us today to find out how we can help your rental property business grow!


Our Clients Love Us & You Will Too!

We love to tell our story. But sometimes the best way to tell is to share what our clients have to say!


My experience with them has been great! Mousa Ahmed and his team are responsive and honest. They deliver!

Kathleen Roberts

It was a suitable name for an organization that was well versed with the strong movement that has been taking place in the Detroit Metropolitan area for the past few years and they have mastered the art of being directly involved in all of "it."

Steven Saleh

They provide excellent service, responsiveness, and expertise. Highly recommend.

Gordon Brown

As an out of state real estate investor, a good property manager is key for success, Own It Detroit, and more specifically Mousa Ahmad is just that!

Brandi Shure

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