We take property repairs and maintenance seriously. Your rental properties are valuable assets that require year-round upkeep! Plus, keeping good tenants is easier when they can count on quality maintenance services and quick emergency responses.

Routine property inspections help us find and repair small issues before they become significant, expensive problems. From our years of experience managing properties in Detroit and the surrounding area, we know that regular repairs and maintenance drastically reduce issues for owners in the long-run.

When you choose Own It Detroit, you never have to worry about repairs or maintenance for your investment properties. We do it all, including:

  • Setting a schedule of routine, comprehensive inspections of your property
  • Prioritizing repairs based on urgency, time, and cost
  • Managing maintenance budgets and offering competitive pricing for top-quality maintenance work from our vetted vendors
  • Knowing your properties inside and out
  • Meeting all state regulations for maintenance and emergency preparedness
  • Reducing the wait time to complete services
  • Identifying problems early and planning ahead for large repairs or replacements
  • Ensuring your rental properties comply with all housing safety regulations.
Repairs and maintenance service

Excellent Maintenance Reduces Tenant Turnover

Why do we prioritize maintenance? We want your best tenants to stay!

Routine repairs and maintenance help ensure that tenants are happy with your rental property’s condition and our property management services. When we take excellent care of your property, your tenants follow our lead and take good care of your property, too.

Own It Detroit only works with the best contractors in the industry to make sure your investment properties receive quality work! We also ensure the work takes place within promised timeframes and according to work agreements.

Are you ready to benefit from our expert maintenance and property management services?

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