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Beware of HUD Homes For Sale In Detroit

While HUD homes for sale in Detroit may seem like a great deal, this is not always the case.  Before beginning to invest in HUD homes for sale in Detroit, you should look at some of our properties.  Our homes are sold at extremely competitive prices and offer a turnkey investment opportunity for the savvy or novice real estate investor.

HUD Homes For Sale In Detroit — Anything But Turnkey

With HUD homes for sale in Detroit, you are not dealing with a turnkey investment.  In fact, many of the HUD homes for sale in Detroit will need extensive work for them to be ready for tenants.  This process can take quite some time and is often very expensive.  While HUD homes for sale in Detroit may be inexpensive at first glance, you may end up paying much more for a property in terms of repairs and maintenance than you would expect.


Own It Detroit Properties Superior To HUD Homes For Sale In Detroit

At Own It Detroit, we strive to offer all of the benefits of HUD homes for sale in Detroit with little to none of the drawbacks.  We have invested significant resources into building a team of real estate professionals that is focused on providing properties that offer a high return on investment with minor maintenance issues.   Many times you can find properties from Own It Detroit at prices comparable to HUD homes for sale in Detroit.   The difference is all that Own It Detroit brings to the table including:

  A team of over 30 in-house real estate professionals and 50 full-time contractors to handle the rehab and maintenance of all our properties.

  Every property is fully rehabbed according to our 110-point inspection, which is not available with HUD homes for sale in Detroit.

  When you purchase a property from Own It Detroit, you are purchasing a property that is free of any maintenance issues and is leased by a quality tenant.

  Property managers to handle all leasing and maintenance issues.  This takes much of the stress out of owning investment real estate in Detroit.

  Unlike many HUD homes for sale in Detroit, our goal at Own It Detroit is for you to be generating income from day one after you purchase one of our properties.

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