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If you look at the news for any length of time you have likely heard of foreclosed homes for sale.  Detroit has been one of the hardest hit areas of the country and therefore there are a large number of foreclosed homes for sale.  Detroit real estate investors should be careful when purchasing these homes for a variety of reasons.

Foreclosed Homes For Sale Detroit Require Major Repairs

When someone faces foreclosure of their home, they can often become angry and take out this frustration on their home.  This can result in major repairs needed on foreclosed homes for sale.  Detroit investors should be wary of how much work is needed to restore a foreclosed home to a state that can be lived in by tenants.


Foreclosed Homes For Sale Detroit Often Sold Sight Unseen

If you are a real estate investor, you likely want to see the property that you are purchasing before using your hard earned money to purchase it.  This is often not an option with foreclosed homes for sale.  Detroit foreclosure proceedings often require that you bid on a home without ever stepping foot inside a home to see what type of damage you will be faced with after closing on a property.


Purchase Turnkey Homes From Own It Detroit Instead Of Foreclosed Homes For Sale Detroit

At Own It Detroit, we offer our investors with turnkey properties that are profitable from day 1.  This allows our investors to not have to worry about any of the typical headaches when dealing with foreclosed homes for sale.  Detroit offers a sea of opportunity for those looking to invest in real estate.  Own It Detroit offers these investors a full service approach that includes real estate sales and property management.  The homes that we offer for sale are already vetted and all necessary repairs have been completed unlike most foreclosed homes for sale.  Detroit neighborhoods can be tough to navigate if you have not been in the industry for long.  With Own It Detroit’s experience, you can be sure that your hard earned money will be put to good use to create an income stream for you for years to come.

At Own It Detroit, our real estate investment system should allow you to purchase property at prices comparable to foreclosed homes for sale.  Detroit properties offered by Own It Detroit offer several advantages compared to foreclosed homes for sale Detroit:

  110 point inspection process on each property as well as a one year maintenance warranty

  Profitable real estate properties in quality Detroit neighborhoods

  High-yield and turnkey real estate in Detroit

  Carefully selected tenants who will pay their rent on time month after month

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