Blexting Detroit Properties

By mousa

Blexting is the newest form of communication that Detroit officials are utilizing to stay updated on properties in Detroit. Blexting, a word that combines “blight” and “texting,” is being put into place to control the blight problem in Detroit, and can be downloaded as an app for any Android based phone. The Detroit Land Bank Authority has given a breakdown of how blexting will help them minimize the city’s blight, and what you can personally do to help:

  1. Download or view the demo of the blexting app from
  2. Take a picture of property that you deem to be a part of the blight problem in Detroit
  3. A survey will appear, asking you to rate and determine the need for this property
  4. This information is collected and analyzed by the Motor City Mapping team

How Blexting Is Controlled And Funded

The Motor City Mapping project will encourage anyone who would like to participate in the blexting project to participate in a short training session, to properly determine the needs for properties. For example, those deciding to hazardously abuse the system (i.e., deciding that every property should be demolished), will be flagged and their data will not be calculated into the system.

Likewise, several community organizations have already been approached to add blexting to their list of services, in order to potentially financially benefit from the grant money allocated towards the project. These organizations stand to earn up to $15,000 for their participation in the blexting project.

Statistics Show That Detroit Is In A Dire Need Of Blight Removal

Out of the thousands of structures and lots that need attention and renovation, there are over 80,000 that are already added to the Blight Removal Task Force. However, the process for removing blight isn’t swift; over 38,000 homes and properties are still in need of further examination to determine their immediate needs. While over 100 home and property owners have been addressed to clean up their areas, nearly a third are still not cooperating with the Detroit Land Bank Authority and Detroit city officials. However, by the end of summer, over 5,000 will have been demolished, with a steady rate of 1,200 additional homes, monthly.

This news comes in conjunction with the newest venture,, which has held auctions to sell homes across the city, at drastically lower prices. The Detroit Land Bank Authority has been working tirelessly to find new and creative ways to include residents in the process of cleaning up Detroit for those who see a brighter future.


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