How To Sell Your Detroit Real Estate Faster Than Ever!

By mousa

You found the house for sale in Detroit, you rehabbed the house, and now you’re ready to turn the house for a profit. Are you looking for some quick tips on how to get that house off your hands and money back in your pocket? Follow these tips for guaranteed success! You may even get offers above your original asking price!

We know it sounds crazy, but these tips have worked for us in the past. Let us know how they par for you!

  • Price To Sell: You’ve heard this mantra time and time again, but we cannot emphasize it enough. If you’re looking to turn a Detroit house over for profit, and quickly, you’ll need to be realistic about your asking price. Thoroughly investigate the asking prices around the neighborhood, and make sure you’re on track with their expectations. Chances are, you got this Detroit real estate investment for a steal, so you can afford to sell it reasonably. Ensuring your home is priced to sell will turn your property quickly, and bring new homeowners into your newly renovated home.
  • Double Check The Contractors Work: Even if your contract has said their job is done, you still need to double check. A final walkthrough in your home is extremely necessary to make sure that every box has been checked and every “t” has been crossed. Your contractor may not be thrilled you’re looking over his work, but a professional will understand that you mean business. Pretend that you’re walking through the home for the firs time, and you’re an interested buyer. Where would you check for issues first? Here is a quick checklist to make sure EVERYTHING has been taken care of:
    • Are all the lights working? Fixtures replaced or not broken? Electrical is properly installed?
    • Is anything leaking? Are the handles properly tightened? Is the toilet running?
    • Do the appliances work? Are the dishwasher, garbage disposal, and oven all in proper order?
    • Does the garage door open properly? Is anything triggering issues around the sensor?
    • Does the HVAC work? Have the filters across the house been replaced?
    • Do all the doors close properly? Do the locks work correctly?
    • Do all the windows open and shut with ease?
  • Stage The Home: Staging your home is incredibly important, especially for families looking to move in quickly. Remember to make things look comfortable! The more “homey” your property looks, the faster someone will fall in love with its’ appeal. Try and invest in a few quality staging furniture pieces to put throughout any home renovation you’ve completed. As an added bonus, check with sellers before you purchase your renovation home, to see if they’re willing to leave any furniture behind or sell it to you cheap. Short on furniture? Make sure these areas are ALWAYS staged:
    • Living Room
    • Dining Room
    • Breakfast Room
    • Master Bedroom
  • Clean Up The Curb Appeal: Spend a little extra time sprucing up the yard, driveway, and surrounding area of the home. The first impression on any home is when a potential driver pulls up. Make sure your yard doesn’t steer them away from even coming in the front door. Don’t feel like you have to get fancy with your yard work, but just make sure things are clean. Trim the trees, clean off debris in the gutters, and if you can, place at least one flower bed outside.

Finally, cater to what made this house stand out for you in the first place. Don’t just try and renovate a house like everything else on the block. If there is something about this house that truly stands out, make sure to showcase it! Check back with us and let us know how our tips faired with your next Detroit investment property!

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