Investing Without The Cash

By mousa

Have you considered investing in real estate without putting up a down payment? You may think it’s an absurd question, but we’re here to let you know that it’s definitely plausible. The key is being creative!

Find The Best Investment Deal Possible 

When you decide to settle on the notion that purchasing a home without putting down money is realistic, you’ll need to be prepared to handle a little extra work.

For example, two people are looking at purchasing a home. One chooses the option to purchase the home for $120,000 with $50,000 down. The second fellow manages to get a better deal, and purchase the home for $90,000 with nothing down. Who has the better chance of ROI? The second investor is the smarter investor. When you don’t tie your money up into a property, your chances for a higher return are greater. The moral of the story is to do you best to find the best deal possible on any home you’re purchasing without a down payment.

Become An Extra Conservative Investor 

Those who have made the habit of purchasing properties with little to nothing down are prepared for the worst. They’ve thought carefully about their future plans for the property and analyzed every scenario that came to mind. Taxes, vacancy, repairs, and unruly tenants should all be on your ‘what if’ lists. Plan ahead and take these costs into consideration, before jumping into a purchase without money down.

Be Prepared To Sacrifice 

In exchange for the money that you’re saving, there is a trade off; your time. When you venture into the real estate investing world without cash in your pocket, the amount of time you’ll spend finding interesting and clever ways to make a deal will rapidly build up. Make sure that you’re mentally prepared to handle the logical hoops that go along with getting the best deals possible. Don’t hesitate to ask for help, especially from the most creative minds you know.

Don’t Forget The Financial Cushion 

Just because you’re not purchasing a property with money down, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have money in the bank. Problems occur, bad things happen, and accidents are inventible. Make sure you are financially prepared for any disasters that come through your real estate door.

Investing without placing a down payment is done properly and successfully by some of the most creative investors around. Rack your brain and get the wheels turning before you jump into this tricky territory!

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