How To Make Your Next Detroit Home Renovation Project A Breeze

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How To Make Your Next Detroit Home Renovation Project A Breeze

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Almost any property that you purchase in Detroit is going to need a little TLC, and could require some renovation or rehabilitation. Regardless if you are planning on tearing a property down and starting from scratch, or just trying to update a few little areas around the home, we have a few tried and true methods for keeping your next renovation project less of a hassle and more of a reward.

Stick to a budget for your Detroit home renovation 

Setting a budget for yourself and your project is the first step you should take when starting a new renovation project in Detroit. You want to make sure that your property will always give you a positive cash flow, so dumping too much money into it can be costly. Don’t forget to set aside money in this budget for mistakes or hiccups that can appear throughout the project, and you’ll be less stressed if they do appear. Be realistic about how much your renovation will cost, and you’ll be pleased down the line if it ends up costing less.

Plan out your home design 

Don’t just jump into any project blind and hope that your vision guides you on how to manage the renovation. Sit down and figure out what your outcome for the property should be. Are you going to update the kitchen? Where do you want to tackle first? Are you trying to make a room more functional? Do you need to take out walls? All of these questions and more should be answered sooner rather than later. Additionally, the more specific you can be about where you want appliances and construction to be, the better your contractors can make your design dreams come true.

Shop around for quotes

It’s important to get several quotes for the work that you’re looking to complete in any renovation project in Detroit. Even your best ideas and concepts may not be feasible or cost-effective, but you’ll never know unless you start talking to contractors and professionals. Additionally, they may have ideas you may not have considered. This is why we suggest going down several different routes with contractors, before settling on who you want to pay and what you want to do.

Finalize your to-do list

This means figuring out exactly what you want to do, after speaking with all the contractors, and figuring out who exactly will be doing the work you need. Additionally, make sure to have a formal meeting with your contractors, and ensure that everyone is on the same page. If you weren’t able to give out specifics on your design before, make sure you have this information now. This will make any project move along faster and smoother.

Familiarize yourself with the neighbors

If you haven’t introduced yourself to the neighbors, now is the time to do so. Let them know who you are, what your plans are for the house (i.e., timeline and noise for construction), and make sure they have your contact information for any issues. Chances are they won’t be calling, but they may have called other people who could get in your way, if you didn’t offer the kind gesture of a head’s up.

Now that you’re squared away with all of your design plans, contractor assignments, and community support, it’s time to get moving with your renovation! We hope this list helps lessen the stress that comes along with rehabbing a Detroit home now and for future purchases!

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