It's Time To Prepare Your Vacation Homes

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It's Time To Prepare Your Vacation Homes

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Summer is basically here, whether the calendar says so or not. When warmer weather hits across Metro Detroit, more flock to the city to experience what Michigan has to offer in the summer. Between a multitude of events and activities constantly bombarding the city each weekend, farmers markets, and exploring the lakes, Detroit is home to many who vacation here for several months at a time. What do you need to do if you have a vacation rental home across Metro Detroit? We've put together a comprehensive checklist for you to prepare your home for a successful summer rental!

  1. Clean, clean, and clean some more - Your vacation rental property is going to be home to a new family who expects it to be in picture perfect condition. A deep cleaning is always in order before you rent out your place, especially in the summer. This means getting behind the couches, dusting every square inch of the property, and cleaning out any added junk that has collected in the winter months.

  2. Scrub your carpets - Any carpet that has a large stain is basically a guaranteed complaint from your tenant. We suggest investing in a steam cleaner for any of your rental properties that contain carpet throughout the home. Don't have the funds to invest in a steam cleaner? Hire professionals to scope through your home and give your carpets and rugs a good shampoo session.

  3. Complete a safety inspection - Just like any rental home that goes through inspections from time to time, this is a good opportunity to make sure all of the safety components of your rental home are working. Test out smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, smooth out any bumps in rugs, install hand rails if necessary, and tighten any loose ends.

  4. Replace batteries and light bulbs - Keep track of every time you change out these necessities for appliances, as you can better time when they need replacing. We recommend that these are changed out twice a year, so right before summer is a great time to handle this task.

  5. Set up the guest book - If you have instructions or guides throughout the home to help your guests maintain their way through their stay, make sure they are secure and properly placed. Additionally, make sure your guest book is out and ready to be signed! Be sure to put it in a place that your guests are quick to see and they'll be more likely to sign it. This friendly gesture can cut down on your complaints and is a great way to keep up with referrals.

Are you ready for your summer renters? If not, make sure to use this checklist to ensure that you're covered from top to bottom in Detroit!

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