What Makes Us Different Detroit Property Management?

By Own It Detroit

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Investors who want the best property management company Detroit offers benefit significantly from one on the cutting edge of technology. By staying on top of the technological changes, a property management company can streamline services for an investor, making their life easier and more profitable.

In addition, with the right software and tech advances, an investor can count on better ROIs because things flow smoother from the screening process all the way through collecting the rent.

At Own It Detroit, we utilize software to ensure the investor's experience is superior and they keep their ROI where it needs to be. Our Detroit property management team is here to explain the benefits of our system and how that makes us different from other property managers in the area. 

What are the Necessary Components of Good Property Management?

Whether you've been an investor for a long time or just gotten started, you probably know that there are several necessary components to the successful operation of your business. From the beginning stages of lead-to-lease conversion to screening tenants, investors want to find the best people to reside in their properties. However, it can be difficult to find tenants who will take care of the home and pay rent on time.

Maintenance is another issue that can cause a few bumps in the road if it's not handled properly. For example, when a landlord receives multiple calls for repair problems, it can be problematic if they don't have a good system for following up.

Additionally, financial management represents a large part of a landlord's job. Whether it's a receipt or rent collection, it's essential that finances are handled promptly and accurately.

Finally, tenant retention is a key component of good property management to maximize returns. Finding a property management company to handle these tasks at a high level is crucial for success!

money saving growing from salary to buy house for family home with good location with concept of happy property real estate agent and life management businessWhat Sets Our Detroit Property Management Company Apart from the Rest

When you work with the best property management company Detroit offers, Own It Detroit, you'll notice a difference. Our company works hard to meet property owner and tenant needs at every level to ensure rental ownership success. 

One of the biggest ways our company stands out from others in the area is our use of technology. For example, we use Propertyware and Onesite, top-rated property management software systems, to streamline processes. 

Additionally, the technology we use analyzes data and delivers comprehensive reports to owners. This ensures you keep your finances on track, maximize ROI, and stay informed. 

When property managers don't prioritize the latest property management software, this can lead to financial loss and frustrations for property owners. Our use of software helps us avoid missed rental payments, losing receipts, poor tenant screening, faulty communications, and more.

What Are the Benefits of Working with a Company That Uses Property Management Software?

When a property manager in Detroit, MI, uses quality software for office management, there's a substantial difference in how well things will operate. Investors experience many benefits that we'll outline below. 

Better Tenant Screening 

Getting the best tenants in your properties begins with a thorough tenant screening program. We accomplish this with our software.

Automated Processes

Automating some of the critical work behind the scenes can help processes move faster and with fewer errors. With our software, we can review applications expeditiously, send out communications to tenants, and so on.

Software engineers working on project and programming in companyExpedite Maintenance Requests

Using the software systems that Own It Detroit offers, tenants can submit maintenance requests online through the portal. This helps our team receive and respond to tenants promptly while also making it easier to track work orders and ensure all maintenance needs are handled promptly and accurately. 

On-Time Rental Collection

Tenants have a much easier way to pay rent using the various options available through Own It Detroit. Whether they want to send in their rental payment an old-fashioned way by mailing a check or submitting it online, they have choices to ensure payment arrives on time.

Financial Tracking

Our property managers use software to keep track of all income and expenses for each property, making it easier to help owners stay on top of tax deductions and financials to make informed investment decisions. As a result, they can make wiser decisions about whether they should diversify their portfolio, charge more for rent, or reduce expenses.

Better Communication

Through the use of property management software, tenants and landlords experience better communication with us. We can easily communicate important updates and send out reminders about past-due rent. We can also update property owners based on their communication preferences. 

The Best Property Management in Detroit, MI, Optimizes Software For Your Success

We understand the importance of utilizing the best technology to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and communication, and ultimately ensure property owners get paid on time and maximize returns. To learn more about how we optimize software solutions for your success, reach out to the seasoned real estate investment professionals of Own It Detroit!

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