High-level investors choose Detroit because it's the best place to find success in real estate. Our city's blend of available real estate and a steady rental market makes it an ideal location to invest for both cash flow and appreciation.

If you're thinking of your next property or you're curious about what the Motor City has to offer, Own It Detroit has our pulse on the market and the best Detroit investment opportunities. There's something for every type of real estate investor, whether you prefer buy-and-hold properties, single-family, multi-family, or fix-and-flip investing!

No matter which type of property best fits your portfolio, make sure you settle for nothing less than best-in-class services from your property manager and real estate professional! Which type of investment property is best for you? Let Own It Detroit give you the insight you need on the best Detroit properties to boost your portfolio!

Turnkey Buy-And-Hold

One of the most common (and profitable) ways to build long-term wealth rapidly is to build a portfolio of buy-and-hold rental properties. Buying a property to maintain it as a long-term rental home puts consistent money in your pocket for as long as you "hold" the property. This is the bread-and-butter foundation of every great real estate trust.

A turnkey investment is a one-stop-shop for investors who are ready to add a cash-flowing asset to your portfolio. When you choose a turnkey investment, it's like turning on the tap and having instant access to continued cash-on-cash returns!

Turnkey properties are:

  • Renovated per market trends and ready to rent
  • In some cases, already occupied with a rent-paying resident
  • Professionally managed with best-in-class services for owners and residents.

Own It Detroit specializes in turnkey Detroit investment opportunities—but that's only one part of what we do. We're professional property managers that help investors find the right type of property for your portfolio, then handle the details to finalize a property sale and manage the property—without hand holding.

Choosing an all-in-one solution with our team means you have the infrastructure to execute a successful investment strategy to meet your goals. Many Detroit investors love our turnkey solutions, but that's not the only way we can help you find real estate success!

Pre-Renovation Buy-and-Hold

Sometimes the best property for your portfolio isn't quite ready to hit the market. Whether you come to us with a property you've already purchased, or you have an eye on one of our pre-renovation properties, you need the best of the best in property turn to get your investment up and running! 

When you choose a team like Own It Detroit, you set yourself up for success! We recommend property renovations that will attract Detroit's best renters and put more money in your pocket. We know that:

  • The wrong renovations are a waste of your time and money. You'll never recover the costs of unnecessary and expensive upgrades, and that's not anything we'll ever recommend for your property.
  • The right renovations make your property more competitive in the Detroit market. You'll have your choice of the best renters in the area with a property that is sought-after in the Motor City!

You won't have to lift a finger (or a hammer) to get your property ready to rent! Own It Detroit has more than 90 approved and licensed vendors to complete the renovations on your next project. We also have a full-time project manager to keep your property on track and ready to hit the market as soon as possible. 

We don't waste time or money—yours or ours! Working with honesty and transparency isn't always the easy way, but it's the only way we work—no matter how we work for you.


We love single-family homes, but you're missing a significant part of the rental market if you don't consider multi-family investment properties, too! Investors know that some of the best Detroit investment opportunities are condos, duplexes, fourplexes, and apartment buildings.

  • Multi-family properties come with several different rules and requirements to consider.
  • Make sure you choose seasoned multi-family property managers like OID to keep your investments profitable and legal.
  • We are experts when it comes to navigating Detroit city requirements for the safe management of multi-family buildings, senior living facilities, tax laws and credits, and Section 8 Housing. 

If you've never considered multi-family housing as part of your real estate portfolio, Own It Detroit Property Management can help you add these properties to your long-term passive income plan!


Buy-and-hold real estate is not for everyone. Many investors prefer purchasing low-cost homes, renovating them, then selling them for a profit. 

Fix-and-flip is another excellent way to benefit from real estate in Detroit! The Own It Detroit team understands the local market and can help investors capitalize on this method of investment. These properties can come and go quickly, and we are experts in this type of opportunity!

Our team:

  • Acts quickly with cash-ready investors to purchase, renovate, then sell these properties at the best returns
  • Uses our expert team of approved vendors to handle renovations—on time and with excellence
  • Will never recommend a property that is too far beyond repair for an investor to make money!

Working in the hot Detroit market requires the experience to find properties for our investors before they hit the market. We keep our pulse on the next best addition to your portfolio, so you never miss an opportunity to make more money.

Best-In-Class Property Management

A property is only part of the equation for investors to generate more long-term wealth. Managing the properties takes four walls and a roof and transforms it into a rental property that provides a safe and desirable home for Detroit's renters!

When you work with Own It Detroit's best-in-class property management, you have a seasoned team of professionals to protect your property and your investment. Whether you choose a turnkey buy-and-hold solution that comes with our property management services or you hire us to manage your existing portfolio, we bring our very best to the table for your investments!

Own It Detroit gives our investors:

  • A better rental collection rate than the competition—98% even during COVID
  • Screened, high-quality, long-term residents to prevent damage to your property
  • Low turnover rates
  • Professional maintenance services—24/7
  • Financial reporting and monthly owner payments
  • Professionals who understand your goals with the team and processes to make them happen.

There is no other combination of professional real estate, renovation, and real estate investment expertise anywhere in Detroit! 

Don't Forget the Other Benefits!

Rental property income or flip-and-sell profits to generate cash aren't the only ways to make money from real estate investments. Your properties have plenty of appreciation and tax benefits, too!

Our expert team will help you get the best tax benefits out of your properties (in addition to cash flow) to build more long-term wealth! Knowing all of the ways that investment properties can boost your bottom line is why many investors choose Own It Detroit as their real estate professionals.

Take Advantage of the Best Detroit Investment Opportunities!

Don't fall prey to companies that don't have your best interests in mind, or can't provide the best services to support your goals and your real estate portfolio. Detroit investment opportunities should be the best experience you have as a real estate investor—whether you live local or invest from out of state. 

Own It Detroit can do it all—and we're here to our best and the best that Detroit has to offer! Contact us to learn more about our available properties and services!

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