What Is a Turnkey Property? Turnkey Detroit Investments Work for You!

By Own It Detroit

Updated March 25, 2022

When Detroit real estate investors want to build significant real estate portfolios—and ramp up quickly—turnkey properties are the best way to do it. Tapping into Detroit's best neighborhoods and building long-term wealth is never easier than with the right turnkey partner—and properties that renters desire!

If you've never looked into turnkey Detroit investments, you might be missing a significant source of income. This real estate strategy helps investors make money sooner (rather than later) when adding a new property to your Detroit real estate portfolio. Plus, it's a hassle-free, hands-off way to grow your profits! 

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Turnkey investments are a complete one-stop-shop, from buying a property to generating rental income—but investors need the right partner and best expert property management to make sure your turnkey solutions yield legitimate cash-on-cash returns.

Keep reading to learn more about turnkey properties and their benefits to investors from the perspective of the OID experts!

How Turnkey Solutions Equal Profits

What do we mean by "one-stop-shop?" Turnkey properties are a ready-made rental property—essentially pre-packaged for Detroit investors at all scales to start yielding immediate returns.

Choosing the best turnkey solution means investors have:

  • A renovated and rental-ready property
  • A carefully-screened renter already paying the rent
  • Consistent income payments delivered on time, every month
  • An expert property manager handling every detail to collect the rent and maintain the property.

Turnkey properties allow investors to skip the leg-work that goes into choosing a pre-renovation property. You don't have to do the research on a potential property, plan and budget for renovations, advertise to find a renter, or handle any property management tasks. Your turnkey partner has already done everything for you! This makes turnkey Detroit investments the best option for elite portfolio growth.

Investors choose an income-generating property that is the best fit for their portfolios. After the purchase of the property, you start receiving monthly rental income payments—without doing any work! 

What Are the Benefits?

Turnkey investments offer plenty of benefits to serious investors. When you choose an expert turnkey partner, you'll quickly realize the perks of this strategy for real estate investing!

Our turnkey investors enjoy:

  • Tremendous cash flow: When rental property experts handle your properties from before they are rental-ready through the daily tasks of property management, you experience better cash flow. Every detail is driven by experts in the industry to maximize your investments. 
  • Seasoned professionals: We aren't new to Detroit's real estate market! Every turnkey property benefits from OID's years of experience in buying, selling, and managing investment properties. 
  • Stability and infrastructure: The best turnkey solutions have the infrastructure to support your long-term income.
  • Best-in-class service: An excellent turnkey property isn't worth your investment if it doesn't come with the best expert property management to ensure its success! Buying the property is only the beginning. Your financial future depends on the daily management of the property for as long as you own it. 
  • Long-term residents: High renter turnover can ruin your profits. Your property manager must demonstrate a commitment to screening and placing the best quality residents, then working hard to build lasting relationships.
  • Honesty and transparency: Reputable turnkey providers aren't interested in moving "any" property. We will only recommend a property that is the right fit for your portfolio. If it's not the best choice, we won't recommend it.
  • Beyond full service: If your turnkey partner can't help with the "extras," you don't have the best experts working for you. We help investors with the right insurance protection, business entities (like LLCs), and many other aspects of successful investing that go beyond "standard" services. 

To truly enjoy a one-stop-shop when it comes to your real estate portfolio, investors can't overlook the benefits of turnkey Detroit investments! 

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Choose Turnkey Solutions Wisely

Turnkey investing is an excellent opportunity—but don't jump at the first property or solution that comes across your radar. Before you choose any turnkey solution, make sure you research the company and the quality of its services and properties. 

  • Never settle for less than best-in-class service when it's time to add a property or work with Detroit property management!
  • The wrong turnkey investments partner can be a risk to your income and properties. Not every turnkey solution has your best interest in mind.
  • Poor-quality properties and renovations, inexperienced real estate "experts," and shortcuts can derail your financial success.

We take pride in delivering a quality turnkey solution with every property. From the research we apply before we purchase a property to the expert insight that goes into renovations and selecting residents, our goal is your success—before you ever consider one of our properties!

Turnkey Detroit Investments Benefit Your Portfolio

When you have your eye on rapid real estate income growth, turnkey investments are the biggest benefit to your portfolio. It's the best way to integrate a new property that's ready to generate income for you—without the delays of renovations and searching for a quality resident. 

Own It Detroit prepares each property with our local real estate and property management experience! Don't risk your investment momentum with any other turnkey solution. Contact us to talk with our seasoned real estate and property management professionals to begin your path to elite growth.

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