Property investors don't have the time (and shouldn't have to) figure out what their properties need to make more money. When you invest, your job is to benefit from the income generated by your Detroit properties. That's it. If you're doing more work than that to realize profitability, you're not investing in a way that will launch your trust or portfolio to elite heights.

Successful real estate investors never dig into the details of which property needs a new front door or why another property rents for less money than similar properties—because they have a team of dedicated professionals managing these elements for them. It's simply not where they should be spending their time or energy—and the same applies to you. When you plan to build wealth via passive real estate investing, your time and attention should be available for your other goals and pursuits.

That's why professional property managers and turnkey partners help investors enjoy more financial success—without having to invest time in their portfolios. If never spending time on the details sounds like the ideal way to experience long-term income from real estate, turnkey Detroit investments are your solution. Here's what you need to know as an investor.

Why Turnkey Properties?

  • What if the best ways to get more out of your rental properties were already done for you?
  • What if growing your portfolio was as easy as picking a ready-made property that's primed to turn a profit? 

It is that easy—with the right Detroit turnkey partner. However, the wrong partner can leave you with an investment lemon—and no support to make money from it.

  • Turnkey properties are renovated investments that are ready for an investor to purchase.
  • In many cases, turnkey properties already have a renter paying the rent to boost your speed of return.
  • When you add one of these investments to your portfolio, it generates income for you without the delays of rental-ready renovations and finding a renter.

These types of properties are a profit center after you close on the purchase and begin receiving rental payments. Turnkey Detroit investments are how elite investors see considerable cash-on-cash returns from their portfolio.

You Don't Have to Put Work Into Your Investments

Building wealth from real estate doesn't have to be a lot of work when you have a partner with experience that provides best-in-class service. Your investments keep working for you in the background while the professionals at Own It Detroit Property Management keep a watchful eye over your portfolio.

With turnkey properties:

  • Property investors keep their time and attention focused on family and the things that matter most in life.
  • Trust and REIT managers are able to continue focusing on the pursuit of acquiring additional assets without the time investment in day-to-day upkeep.
  • Your OID team is a value-add that can bring new properties to your attention, then manage the properties you choose to grow your profits. It's the professional solution every investor needs for sustainable growth!

For investors who want to quickly expand your holdings and see improved gains in your income, choosing Detroit turnkey solutions with Own It Detroit is the best choice you can make!

Our Approach Provides the Infrastructure Investors Need

Not all turnkey "partners" deliver on a long-term relationship. You might find an excellent turnkey property, but the property management and ongoing support don't provide the long-term services you need for success. Projections on a turnkey investment don't mean anything if you're left with a property that doesn't have the supporting services it needs to make sure it meets your expectations. 

Own It Detroit doesn't operate that way.

  • "Turnkey" doesn't mean we dump a property into your lap, then abandon the investors we serve.
  • We have the infrastructure to be a one-stop-shop for investors who realize the benefits of investing in Detroit buy-and-hold real estate.

If you want to realize immediate returns through fix-flip investments, we can even clue you in to fast-moving opportunities in this field of real estate! That's the OID goal of being your all-inclusive solution to investing.

Your One-Stop-Shop

From the start, every turnkey solution receives our expert insight into the Detroit market and what renters look for in a rental home. With every property, investors get:

  • A property purchased at the lowest costs that help produce high-yield cash-on-cash returns
  • Renovations that meet the needs (and wants) of Detroit renters to keep units filled
  • Professional brokers to make sure your purchase goes smoothly and benefits your portfolio
  • Best-in-class property management to maximize the long-term income from your property.

Turnkey Detroit investments can move quickly—but they must be a sustainable source of income for investors. With Own It Detroit Property Management, you always have an eye on your long-term financial success—before you ever see or choose one of our properties. 

We don't believe in bad apples! Every property receives the same expertise and stellar service; from the first time we consider a turnkey opportunity through to managing it daily for the investor or trust who purchases the asset.

Experience Matters When Choosing Turnkey Solutions

A turnkey partner is different than buying a property from a house flipper who isn't also an expert property manager. Our time and experience in the Detroit rental market give property investors an edge when choosing a ready-to-rent property that will be profitable. 

Seasoned professionals understand your goals and have the experience (and expertise) to execute on an agreed-upon plan of action to meet said goals. That kind of service requires a turnkey partner to have:

  • Their pulse on the market: What do Detroit renters want? What are the right property upgrades to stay competitive? Where are the best properties to create an ideal turnkey solution? 
  • The ability to move quickly: Waiting for properties to hit the MLS (or worse, Zillow) delays your next investment opportunity. Professionals must be able to source on-market and off-market opportunities for stable investments.
  • A proven process: Consistently taking a low-cost property from neglect to something attractive to renters and profitable for investors doesn't happen by accident. A proven process helps the best turnkey provider replicate success repeatedly.
  • Trustworthiness: The right turnkey professional will also be honest and transparent with you. They won't sell you on a property that isn't the right addition to your portfolio. They also won't make promises they can't keep or leave you high and dry with a turnkey property that doesn't produce considerable cash-on-cash returns.

Investors need a turnkey Detroit investments provider that takes full service to the next level, from helping you choose the best properties to providing the best property management services for your renters and long-term income.

Best-In-Class Turnkey Solutions Don't Happen by Accident

It takes hard work and dedication to the craft to become a best-in-class turnkey service provider. Own It Detroit continues to put in the time and effort to make sure we never waver from our next-level commitment to investors and the services we provide. 

With our turnkey investment properties, we deliver high-efficiency solutions, excellent communication, and the experience you need to have a hands-off real estate investment experience. That level of service includes:

  • Operating with integrity
  • A 98% rental collection rate
  • Creating tremendous cash flow for investors
  • Assistance with every aspect of operating rental properties.

We could do less, but that's not what successful investors need to build their long-term wealth. We offer more because Detroit investors should never have to settle for less-than-the-best expert help when choosing real estate to build passive income!

Turnkey Detroit Investments Bring Peace of Mind

Whether you're an institutional investor or a solo portfolio owner, you should never have to settle for anything less than the best-in-class service that Own It Detroit provides! We have the stats, affiliations, locations, technology, and network you need to provide peace of mind through turnkey management solutions that yield sustainable and long-term growth.

Turnkey solutions are the best way to take advantage of the Detroit rental market without the hassle or time investment of pre-renovation buy-and-hold rental properties. We do the work for you! Contact us to talk with our Detroit investment experts and learn more about OID property management services that help investors benefit from turnkey solutions!

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