$1 Million Business Investment Boosts Local Economy

By mousa

With the ever-expanding areas of Midtown buzzing for the summer, the exciting news of Selden Standard has come just in time for everyone to look forward to fall. This small plates restaurant is scheduled to open in Detroit’s Midtown in the fall of 2014, with a seasonal rotation of fare. Selden Standard will be operated by Andy Hollyday (executive chef of Roast) and Evan Hansen (marketing director of University of Michigan). 

Both partners met in 2013, during separate expeditions of property searching in Detroit. With the dream of opening a restaurant, their mutual desires collided and has blossomed into Selden Standard. With like-minded visions of culinary tastes, Hansen explained, “[We wanted] someplace that is very casual and friendly, but with a high level of execution for the food and drinks.”

Selden Standard will take up space in a currently expanding 5,700 sq foot building in Midtown. The main dining room can seat up to 83 people, with an additional patio that seats 25, and intimate dining area that can house up to 50 additional customers. In the main hall, the bar includes counter seats that carry over into extraordinary views of the oven and grill, to watch Hollyday work his magic.

With a rotating menu, Selden Standard is looking to utilize the local products available in Detroit. Hansen and Hollyday are up for the challenge of establishing meaningful relationships with local farmers, but know the effort is worth the task. Currently, they have struck up a partnership with Brother Nature Produce, located in Detroit’s Corktown district. Managed by Greg Willerer and Melo Farms, this local area uses the knowledge of their associates with Yale and growth of Berkshire pigs, to create locally produced food in Detroit.

With a $1 million investment into this new venture, Hansen is hoping for the best. Most of the funding has been received generously from private investors, along with additional funds from Invest Detroit and The Detroit Development Fund. For security purposes and the desire to watch businesses thrive, Midtown Detroit, Inc. has also issued a grant to ensure the safety of all employees and customers.

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