Evicting Tenants The Right Way

By mousa

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Evicting Tenants The Right Way

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In a perfect world, your tenants would pay you on time, never cause an issue in the house, your appliances would stay in pristine condition, and the world would keep turning on its’ happy little head. However, in Detroit, evictions and tenant removal is a serious and real issue. Making sure you are properly evicting tenants correctly is extremely important, not only for your financial status now, but also for your future.

Evictions are not a pleasant process for anyone involved. Typically, evictions occur because things have gone horribly wrong, and you just can’t handle the situation any further. Utilize our tenant eviction process before you even hand over the lease to your new tenant, and you’ll be more prepared for the worst.

  • Draft a Termination Letter – A termination notice should contain the following
    • Reason for eviction (i.e., violation of lease, unpaid rent, damages to home, etc.)
    • Duration that offense can be rectified
    • Date of the termination notice
    • Landlord signature
  • Avoid The Eviction Completely – Believe it or not, even when things have gotten completely out of control, there are still ways you can avoid a full eviction.
    • Always keep an open and honest communication line between you and your tenants. When a tenant starts to fall behind on payments, clear and appropriate communication could make the difference between eviction and a great future tenant.
    • If you have multiple properties, and some may be cheaper than others, you could offer the option for your tenant to move. Don’t always rule out moving as an alternative to eviction.
    • If the reasons we’ve already listed are still not viable or working, you could offer the option to have the tenant return their keys and move out, with a partial refund of their deposit. This type of alternative to eviction is only possible with good communication with your tenant, but should definitely be considered.

We know many of you have suffered through the process of eviction and will do anything to avoid it all costs. This requires you to be prepared for all situations, before the tenant moves into your property, and be available for your tenants whenever they need your assistance.

Additionally, always make sure you are consulting with an attorney to ensure you are abiding by all of the state and federal rules and regulations.

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