How Does Detroit Rental Property Management Handle Evictions?

By Own It Detroit

Dealing with an eviction is a time-consuming and money-losing endeavor for property owners. It's especially bothersome for landlords who are active in daily investment property activity and don't have the time to deal with these proceedings. 

However, evictions can't be rushed, and they must be managed properly and legally. With a property management company on board, they can navigate the legalities of evicting a tenant for you. The best property management Detroit offers has more information about how we handle evictions for rental property owners!

When Can a Property Owner Evict a Tenant?

To evict a tenant, owners must have a legal reason. For example, disliking the person living in your rental unit isn't a valid reason to remove them from the home. 

Here are the leading causes of legal tenant evictions in Michigan:

  • Failure to pay rent

  • Failing to comply with the lease

  • Participating in illegal or unsafe activity in the home

  • Failure to vacate the premises after the lease expires

If you have a legal reason to terminate a lease with your renter, the next step is understanding the process and how long it can take. 

How Long Does an Eviction Take in Michigan?

The time it takes to evict a tenant in Detroit depends on several factors. The most important factor is the experience and efficiency of the person handling the eviction process. 


For a new landlord, removing a renter can be a lengthy and confusing process (if tackling it on your own). However, if you've enlisted the service of a property manager that knows the ins and outs of evictions, things move along much faster. 


So, how long does an eviction take in MichiganMost removals take anywhere from a few weeks to a month or so. However, how quickly you work through the following steps within the local court system ultimately determines how long it takes. 

Serve a Notice of Eviction

Whether your renter hasn't paid rent or must leave due to lease violations, choose the right type of eviction notice to begin the process. 


If the tenant didn't pay their rent, the landlord or Detroit rental property management team would serve a 7-day Demand for Nonpayment of Rent notice. However, if the issue is a lease violation, serve a 30-day Notice to Quit.


Once the notice is served, the tenant can attempt to comply or correct the problem. However, if the time expires and the problem is not resolved, the eviction process moves to the next phase.

File a Formal Eviction Lawsuit

A formal eviction lawsuit in Michigan is called "Summary Proceedings," and landlords have the right to an expedited procedure. Work with a property manager to fill out the correct forms and file the lawsuit correctly. Formal documents must be filled out properly to be accepted by the court and follow the Michigan rules of eviction.

Once the summons and complaint are prepared, file them with the appropriate district. The appropriate paperwork is then served to the defendant, notifying them of the date and time of the hearing. 

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How the Right Property Manager Streamlines the Eviction Process

Having the best property management Detroit offers to handle your evictions makes the situation less stressful. At Own It Detroit, we have a system that makes the entire process easier and streamlined. 


How do we deal with evictions to minimize income loss for property owners and remove tenants effectively? We implement three main principles to manage removals.

We Tackle Evictions with Efficiency

It's vital to have everything in order when the need to evict arises. Own It Detroit is familiar with the eviction process, court system, and key contacts within the legal process. So, when it's time to remove a tenant, we have the forms and the experience to be efficient throughout the process. 

We Take Action Right Away

Often, property owners don't realize the timeline of an eviction. It's easy to overlook that there are two phases (serving the complaint, then filing the formal lawsuit). So, they don't act right away. 

Not acting quickly can be a mistake because you lose money every day that passes with a bad tenant in your property. So, Own It Detroit forces the issue with tenants who aren't in compliance. We bring things to a head immediately so that the landlord can take it to the next stepsooner rather than laterand begin to recoup their money. 

When tenants don't follow the rules or refuse to pay rent, we move quickly to get the tenants removed from the home, so property owners can move forward and find a new renter. 

We Leverage Our Connections

Own It Detroit has dealt with plenty of evictions in the past. So, we're familiar with the court system and the inner workings of the legal system. We know the key players on the inside, making the process smoother and expediting legal evictions so you can move on from a bad tenant and lost income. 

Our Detroit Rental Property Management Company is Here to Help With Evictions

While we work hard to place quality tenants that don't lead to evictions, removing a tenant sometimes becomes necessary. Own It Detroit has an efficient process to minimize income loss and remove bad renters with less stress for property owners. Reach out soon to learn more about our property management services and how we handle evictions. 

What should you look for in a property manager? Find out in our free resource, the "Guide to Finding the Best Property Management Company in Detroit."

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