Making Detroit The Employer Of Choice

By mousa

Over 75,000 jobs in Michigan cannot be filled, in part due to talent, education, and shortages of people. However, the economic problems of Michigan and Detroit cannot be pinned on these factors alone. Michigan is currently not an employer of choice, and it’s time to change the playing field.

Key talents and desirable employees are looking elsewhere for their dream jobs.  Why? Because Detroit businesses are not viewed as ideal working environments, encouraging others to move to our great state to revitalize the city and economy.

Across the county, less than 50% of citizens are content with their current jobs. In a larger poll, taken from 2010 – 2012, 100 million Americans that held full-time positions, disliked, hated, or simply did not care about their job.

What is an employer of choice and how can Detroit benefit from this shift?

An employer of choice is a company that holds high values and morals to their business standards. They have a good reputation and include their employees not only in the company, but also in the community. Employers of choice are sensitive to the cultural and economic happenings around them, and have ideal working conditions to face everyday life. These companies have strong and vivacious leaders that provide challenging and meaningful work, with open lines of communication across the board. Good employees are recognized for their efforts, and granted advancements in their career through the company, with fair compensation and promotions.

This model is a standard that every successful company should strive to achieve, but is crucially important for Detroit and its’ future success as an economic powerhouse. With renovation and rejuvenated efforts being placed into the city, those who are moving to the city are noticing an exciting turn of events. Employers are being urged to step up to the plate, and help make the difference that Detroit needs.

Each Detroit business can play a key role in the positive transformation of the city. While progress has been substantial already, the momentum needs to increase, and the first step is to become employers of choice for those seeking meaningful positions. Ideal job seekers should be piling into Detroit, dying to work for companies in the city, and putting forth their talent.

Some companies, such as General Motors and Ford have already starting making the transition into employers of choice, and are setting the standard for others to follow. By addressing the truths about your company, and making the necessary changes to adapt, you’ll be ahead of the curve. Detroit needs more talent; become an employer of choice and be a leader for positive change in Michigan. 

*Image Courtesy Of Scott Olson, Getty Images

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