The Detroit Tigers Are Back!

By mousa

Whether you’re a dedicated sports fan or a casual spectator, everyone in Detroit is well aware of the madness that is Opening Day. This year, the Detroit Tigers swept the field with a great win to start off their season and our volatile Michigan weather held up!

As this baseball season kicks into full gear, now is a good time to shift gears on what is going on near the old Tiger Stadium.

The current site of the old Tiger Stadium is being renovated by the Larson Realty Group and the Police Athletic League. This nearly $45 million development project will take up over 30,000 square feet of commercial locations, over 125 apartments and townhomes, and 20% of the location has been set aside to accommodate low income families in Detroit. This mixed-use space will include an $11 million multi use sport field for youth activities and a new Police Athletic League headquarters.

The CEO of Larson Realty Group, Eric Larson, explained how unique the new development for Tiger Stadium really is. He went onto to describe the renovation as ‘one-of-a-kind’ and that is comes with heavy responsibility, not only for the surrounding community, but all of Metro Detroit.

On Opening Day, Larson asked Detroit Tiger’s fans to celebrate their memories in Detroit by showcasing memorabilia, photos, and any ideas they want to see come alive between Michigan and Trumbull.

Contribute To Tiger Stadium

Want to get more personally involved in the renovation project? Head over to to share your stories, concerns, and ideas with the development team. You can also make your own personal investment towards the project. For as little as $100, you can officially say that you had a hand in this new development for Tiger Stadium! Unlike typical Kickstarter programs, the Fundrise platform allows you not only to contribute to the project, but you will ultimately become an investor in the development site. Dan Miller, President of Fundrise, explained that he wanted this project to be for everyone in Detroit to contribute towards, and give the community more reason to contribute to their neighborhoods. Where will your money be headed? Every individual investment made through Fundrise will help contribute towards the retail and residential proposals along Michigan and Trumbull.

For more development news on Tiger Stadium projects, stick with Own It Detroit as we watch this area continue to unfold!

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