A Guide to Staying On Top of Seasonal Maintenance for Detroit Investment Properties

By Own It Detroit

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Whether you have one rental property, a few investments, or a significant portfolio of Detroit investment properties, no properties maintain themselves! Every rental property needs a seasonal maintenance plan to keep them in excellent condition throughout temperature and weather changes year-round.

Skipping critical seasonal maintenance tasks can lead to significant (and costly) repairs and unhappy renters. When rental property owners prioritize routine maintenance in preparation for seasonal changes, they preserve property values and help residents stay safe and comfortable. 

If you're not sure what your rentals need each spring, summer, fall, and winter, the seasoned professionals of Own It Detroit are here to help! Check out our guide to seasonal maintenance for Detroit rental properties.

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Take Care of These Spring Tasks

As temperatures change from our cold northern temps to warmer spring numbers, your properties benefit from these tasks to transition well. To help your Detroit investment properties recover from the winter and emerge safely into spring, take care of these tasks during the early-to-mid weeks of spring.

  • Visually inspect gutters, the roof, chimneys, and siding. Clean winter debris from gutters and call for roofing or siding repairs, if needed. 

  • Open outdoor faucets and sprinkler systems to let them run. Check for leaks, broken sprinkler heads, or damaged pipes and faucets. 

  • Check decks, patios, and landscaping for plants that didn't survive the winter. Prune bushes and trees as new growth emerges. Repair decks if necessary.

  • Inspect walkways and driveways for new cracks or holes. Repair damage before temperatures gets too warm. 

  • Schedule routine maintenance for the HVAC system and replace air filters.

  • Test smoke detectors and replace batteries.

  • Look for pest activity and schedule quarterly pest control. 

With these timely maintenance tasks, your Detroit rentals are ready for spring!

Essential Tasks for Summer 

Keeping renters safe and comfortable during the summer starts with essential summer maintenance tasks! Schedule and complete these routine maintenance items during the early weeks of summer. 

  • Inspect window screens and repair holes or tears. 

  • Check trees, shrubs, and landscaping for additional pruning. Confirm watering needs with renters. 

  • Look for water damage from spring rains or thawed plumbing. 

  • Confirm that all appliances are in excellent working condition. 

  • Replace HVAC filters and batteries for smoke detectors.

  • Inspect for pest activity and schedule quarterly pest control services.

  • Check fencing and outdoor play equipment.

While conducting these summer maintenance tasks for your Detroit investment properties, make sure residents stay accountable to their lawn care responsibilities in the lease. 

Repairman Checking Outside Air Conditioning Unit For Voltage

Don't Forget These Fall Tasks

As summer comes to a close, don't forget to perform these fall maintenance tasks. Your rentals benefit from these routine items to prepare for colder Detroit temperatures!

  • Winterize outdoor faucets and irrigation systems.

  • Inspect siding, roofing, and gutters. Remove debris and call for roof repairs if needed.

  • Winterize the AC system and schedule furnace or heating maintenance. Replace HVAC filters.

  • Inspect the driveway and walkways. Patch holes and winterize these areas to prepare for snow and ice. 

  • Check for foundation cracks and seal them with caulking or mortar repair. 

  • Conduct pest inspection and routine pest control.

Fall maintenance helps transition your rentals from the end of summer and prepare for the upcoming winter months.

The Right Way to Prepare Rentals for Winter

Winters in Detroit can be harsh! Without these winter maintenance tasks, your rentals (and renters) might not be prepared for cold temperatures, snow, or ice. Perform these items as autumn comes to a close. 

  • Inspect the chimney, thermostat, and heating systems. Make sure your residents understand how to safely operate these heating methods before it's time to use them. 

  • Check each rental's insulation. If renters complained of drafty homes last year, it might be time to add more insulation. 

  • Check for cracks or gaps in window and door seals. Fill spaces with caulking or weather-stripping

  • Establish a snow and cold weather plan with your residents. Make sure they understand how to stay safe and warm in and around your rental property and how to get help if they need it.

When handling any seasonal maintenance tasks throughout the year, apply safety precautions or hire professionals to handle everything for you! A property manager keeps your Detroit investment properties in excellent condition year-round, and investors never have to step on a ladder or visit the hardware store. 

Detroit Investors Save Time and Money With Professional Seasonal Maintenance

Hiring a property manager to conduct seasonal maintenance and handle all repairs helps real estate investors save time and money! Whether you have one property, 50 rentals, or a portfolio of 500 or more Detroit investment properties, turning every maintenance responsibility over to a property manager is the best way to avoid costly repairs and maximize budgets. 

Own It Detroit has the experience you need to keep rental properties (and renters) safe year-round! Our seasoned professionals schedule and complete seasonal maintenance tasks to prepare your properties for every season. Contact us to learn more about our expert maintenance services! 

Download our free Seasonal Maintenance Checklist to learn more about year-round care for your rental properties.

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