The Best Detroit Neighbourhoods for Families

By mousa

As you read through this article, you will find what we consider to be the best neighbourhoods in Detroit for families and what separates them from the rest.

At Own It Detroit, we strongly believe that the more you know about where you decide to live, the better.

As we know there are certain areas in every city that are not particularly the safest for families with young children. The thing everyone needs to remember with living in a city is that there is going to be some crime.

You can try to avoid that by choosing to live in a safe, kid-friendly community. Let’s take a look at the best neighbourhoods in Detroit for families:

1. Sherwood Forest

Forest is one of the best neighbourhoods for raising a family in Detroit due to
the housing affordability, the low crime rate, the high safety level, and the
diversity in the neighbourhood. There are public schools in the area, which
makes it very convenient because of its proximity.

The average median home value in this area is approximately $271,000 with a population of around 2,050 people. Many people in this area own their home versus renting one. Around 97% of people own verse only 3% of people rent. The top schools in Sherwood Forest are Cass Technical School, Keidan Special Education School, Bates Academy, and Renaissance High School.

2. Corktown

Corktown has
an overall niche grade of A due to the housing options for families, the
diversity, the public schools, the low amount nightlife, and the crime and
safety of the neighbourhood. The average median home value in Corktown is
around $167,000 with a population of only 2,922 people.

More people rent in this neighbourhood at 67% rentals and only 33% own their property. The average rental price in Corktown is around $1,132. There are many options of coffee shops, restaurants, stores, parks, and different entertainment options in Corktown, which is why it is a great place to raise a family.

3. Brush Park

Brush Park
is a popular area among young professionals. This is because it is an up and
coming area with great restaurants, bars, shops, and parks to visit.


Families decide to settle in this area as well because it is in a safe part of Detroit with a population of only 1,154 people. The average home price in this area is around $215,000 and the average rent price is around $500. 64% of people rent in Brush Park, whereas only 36% of people own their homes.

4. West Woodbridge

West Woodbridge has a population of 1,084 people with the average person renting their property, versus owning it. The average cost of a home in West Woodbridge is approximately $123,000 and the rent costing around $800. The different housing options and affordability in West Woodbridge make it very appealing for families. The crime and safety rates are under control as well as the diversity of people and places in the area.

5. Lafayette Park

Lafayette Park has a mix of young professionals, families, and retirees. This area is one of the up and coming areas in Detroit, which offers a safe place for people to live in. This area is very diverse with people and offers a countless number of places to choose from for entertainment. There are a lot of parks here as well, which is another reason for families to live in Lafayette Park.


79% of
people in Lafayette Park rent their property which signifies that 21% of people
own their home. The average home value in Lafayette is very affordable at
$97,734. The median rental price is around $800.

The population is a little more than the other neighbourhoods we have talked about in this article, which is 6,031 people. This area is great for families because there are a lot of retail jobs in the area for children when they grow up and want their first job.

The Bottom Line

It’s always important to look at the bigger picture when you are moving to a different area. Consider the following:

  • Will this area keep my family safe
    and happy in the future?

  • Is this area good for when my children get older?

  • What are the different opportunities
    my children will have living in this area?

  • Are there public schools and high schools close by?

everything into account before you purchase a property in a neighbourhood you
are unfamiliar with.

Make sure that you’ll be extremely satisfied and happy in the neighbourhood you choose to live in before you buy or try renting out a home. That way you are not tied down to any area and you have the opportunity to move once your contract is up.

Don't hesitate to contact a professional property management company if any of this seems overwhelming to you.

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