Detroit Public Schools Get A Fresh Start To The School Year

By mousa

Life Remodeled has swept the city of Detroit off its’ feet with their generosity and kindness. This organization has a goal and mindset of restoring and renovating at least one Detroit Public School every summer. This summer, it was Cody High School.

Cody High School, a northwestern Detroit public school once known for poor graduation rates, has risen above adversity and now has over 80% of their students moving on with a high school diploma. For a school that has pushed through difficulty, Life Remodeled decided it was time to give back.

A fundraising campaign was put into place in early August, by both the Life Remodeled team and Jack Martin, the Detroit School’s emergency manager. The money raised during these efforts went solely and completely to building a better and more stable building at Cody High School, in order to improve academic performance, athletic efforts, and overall morale.

During the week of August 11th – August 16th, 2014, the Life Remodeled team stepped in and constructed new energy into the Cody High School building. With new paint, foundation repairs, landscaping, and renovations in the school, Cody High School is now looking better than ever. An improved track, field, and additional athletic equipment has brought forth a lot of excitement for both students and parents for the upcoming school year. Additionally, Life Remodeled didn’t just tackle the school itself, but the surrounding neighborhood areas. Dozens of adjacent homes were taken into their care, along with demolishing homes that have been blighted and abandoned.

The Life Remodeled team works off two different words to motivate them through these challenges: need and hope. With over 10,000 volunteers pouring in from Metro Detroit, which helped this venture be completed in a week, the Life Remodeled team was able to bring hope to an area of Detroit that desperately needed it.

Life Remodeled works exclusively with volunteers, donations, and grants offered by both the city and residents. This local effort, similar to Habitat for Humanity, is also focused on making sure their work doesn’t fall back after they have completed the job. Life Remodeled promises to stick with their projects for 3 years after completion, in case any additional repairs and requirements are necessary.

The open house tour of the completed Cody High School will be on September 10th, between 5 and 8 pm. For more information of Life Remodeled and their upcoming Detroit projects, please visit

*Image Courtesy Of Natalie Broda/Crain's Detroit Business
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