How To Write An Effective Property Listing

By Own It Detroit

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How To Write An Effective Property Listing

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An empty rental property is a costly problem until you find your next renter to pay the rent. However, letting people know your rental is available isn't as simple as jotting down a few stats and posting about it on a few websites.

An effective rental property listing requires several key elements to help your Detroit investment property stand out from the rest. If your listing fails to capture the attention of your target rental market, potential renters will keep scrolling by until they find their new rental home owned by another investor.

When you own multiple rental properties or have a significant portfolio in the area, keeping up with rental listings can become overwhelming. However, understanding the critical aspects of compelling listings makes it easier to market your property and minimize vacancy times successfully. Here are our best Own It Detroit rental listing tips to help your ideal renters find your properties!

Be Descriptive

Without being overly-wordy, your rental listing needs a thorough description of the property. A few words that only give the basic "411" probably won't catch the attention of your next renter. 

Detroit is a competitive rental market. What makes your property stand out from the rest? The unique details about your property need to be included in the listing in a way that captures attention and encourage a potential renter to fill out an application.

When crafting your property's description, include:

  • The nuts-and-bolts (including the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, and location)
  • Features and amenities
  • Information about the neighborhood (schools, restaurants, parks, and proximity to highways)
  • Monthly rent amount and required fees

There are plenty of Detroit investment homes with the same specifications as your rental. Why do renters love your property? Tell new potential renters what they'll love about living in the rental and enjoying the surrounding neighborhoods and community. 

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Don't Forget the Photos

Describing the property is essential, but the photos can either stop your next renter from scrolling by the listing or make it disappear into a sea of other bland property advertisements.

Poor-quality photos will not do your listing (or rental) any justice. Pictures with bad lighting, poor angle choices, your reflection in the mirror, or those that fail to capture every room don't communicate a quality rental home.

Use professional photos with excellent lighting and all the best angles to capture your rental and show it off! A rental listing must impress a potential renter within a few seconds of scrolling through rental search websites. Make sure you don't sell your Detroit investment property short with bad photos that fail to represent the quality of your rental. 

Be a Storyteller

We're not suggesting that you write a novel starring your rental property. However, a listing that's informative—and a delight to read—make your property much more attractive. 

Describe a day in the life of your property. Mention the types of renters who love living in your rental home, like families with kids or young professionals with small pets. When potential renters can picture themselves living in your rental, they get excited to learn more about the property and the possibility of their new home. 

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Be Accurate

Tell a story, but make sure it's an accurate depiction of your rental. Don't spin a fairytale that makes your property sound better than it is! Make sure your photos accurately represent the property, too. When a renter sees the rental home of their dreams online, they expect to see the same home (in the same excellent condition) when they arrive for a showing.

If your Detroit investment property needs improvements to stay competitive, don't stretch the truth in your listing. Work with a property manager to make smart upgrades, create a desirable home, and then make sure the listing honestly describes a home that renters will love. 

Check Your Work

Accuracy must extend to the listing itself! Check for typos, make sure your fees and monthly rent amount are up-to-date, and double-check the address to ensure it's correct. A poorly-worded and mistake-filled rental listing will turn good renters away without wanting to learn more about your rental. 

Hire a Property Manager for Professional Property Listings

If writing isn't your thing, we get it. Creating effective listings for your Detroit investment properties takes the right experience, and investors don't have time to waste when it's time to find a new renter. 

The right property manager can handle the listing process for every rental in your portfolio! Own It Detroit understands the best selling points for your properties and how to make them stand out from other listings and impress potential renters. We're not only a great choice for investors looking for turnkey investments, but we're also your smartest bet for Detroit property managementwhether you have one property or 100.

Learn more about how we prepare your rentals for new residents when you download our free Makeready Checklist!

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