How To Write Rental Ads That Will Keep People Knocking At Your Door

By mousa

There is a fine balance between both the logical and emotional sides of our brain when are looking at a potential home to rent, buy, or lease. The logical side of our brain factors in bedrooms, bathrooms, and square footage. The emotional side of our brain looks at our family growing up in the home, future memories that can be made, and past desires to live in a certain area. 

Finding the appropriate balance between the two sides of the brain can be the key factor when placing an ad for a home that you are looking to get into the market. What do you need to include in your next real estate advertisement?

  • Quality Photos – This area of advertisement ties into the emotional side of our brains. The better your home looks, the more excited a potential renter will be about it. Clean pictures of homes free of clutter, and open spaces, are exactly what your client wants to see. Have any unique amenities that surround your property such as nature or farmers markets? Make sure to include these as well!
  • Positive Taglines – Words such as friendly, clean, and beautiful, will trigger the emotional side of our brains when looking at a home. When you’re writing your rental ad, make sure that your home encompasses all of these adjectives, and more. The more pleasant you can make the theme of your home, the more likely it will be to become occupied.
  • Taglines tie into the Body – This is where the logical side of your brain will come into play. Here you will add those great taglines into the specifics of your home (i.e., Beautiful two bedroom home overlooking a peaceful park). This trick will keep a consistent theme across your entire ad, and your potential tenant will be more likely to contact you sooner.
  • Repeat and Change – We suggest that you post your rental ad on several different areas across the web, and make sure to tweak them a little bit each time, based on where you’re advertising them. For an easy change, alter the cover photo of a rental ad, and it will increase the amount of times a prospective tenant will find your property intriguing more than once.

The more emotional you can make your ad in the beginning, the easier it will be to sell the logical points of your home (i.e., square footage and bedrooms). Use your home’s strengths to your advantage whenever you’re writing a rental ad, and your wallet will thank you later!

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