Mircoapartments in Detroit 

By mousa

The mantra of modern day Detroit: two old buildings are being renovated into something new. The Shapero Hall, once owned by Wayne State University, and the Brentwood Apartments in Midtown, are now being converted into “microapartments.” Microapartments first rose to popularity in the states, starting in New York City. They typically are built as a one-room dwellings, with on average, 300 square feet of space. Here are a few new microapartments popping up in Detroit.

The Shapero Hall

This space was once operated by Wayne State University, prior to moving to their Midtown location. Once slated to be demolished in 2012, the Shapero Hall will now be converted into 180 different, livable, and vibrant microapartments. These spaces will be slightly larger than the typical microapartment, ranging in 400-500 square feet of space. On average, each microapartment will cost $600 a month, and is considered a cheap living alternative for those looking to move into the city. The Shapero Hall microapartments will be constructed by the Boydell Development Group, which typically works on spacious lofts. This new venture is sure to be a challenging, yet interesting, new take on living in Detroit. The Boydell Development Group anticipates these microapartments to be completed and tenant ready by 2015.

The Brentwood Building

Moving back into the current neighborhood of Wayne State University, the Brentwood building is now ready to bring in rent from students and individuals looking to live near the busy section of campus. Centrally located near the popular Bronx Bar and Motor City Brewing Works, each microapartment offers 450-700 square feet of space, and rent starts at $800. This higher price tag than Shapero comes with the amenities of living in the ever-changing Midtown center. The Brentwood apartments are catered to students, looking for quiet spaces to live on their own and who may not necessarily need parking requirements. The apartments went up for rent at the end of July, and have already started filling up. The renovations for the Brentwood apartments took nearly 2 years to complete, and had a budget of over $1.2 million. There are only 38 space offered, so if you’re looking to move into this exciting Detroit area, act fast!

These cozy options offer a different spin on Detroit living. Residents are eager to move along with the creative entrepreneurial spirit that is constantly buzzing around the city. While the microapartments may not be your ideal space, their compact and minimalistic nature will bring new life into the city for those who may not otherwise have been able to afford it.

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