Real Estate Resolutions

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Real Estate Resolutions

It’s a new year and a new start to your real estate investing game! If you’re ready to take 2015 by storm and really amp up your real estate business, here are a few tactics to integrate into your daily routine. You’ll find that in a few short months, your business will not only become more efficient and organized, but also be booming with productivity!

  • Stay The Course: Make large and high goals for yourself, and stick to them. Review what you’re trying to accomplish throughout year, and remind yourself of your aspirations daily. This mantra technique will help keep you focused, even in the most uncertain of times.
  • Don’t Forget Your Reasons: There is a reason and outcome for every goal that you have set for yourself. When tough times come down on you, and they are destined to happen eventually, remember why you started this real estate venture in the first place. Stay positive and motivated to reach your goals by remembering why they are so important to you.
  • Break Down The Steps: Now that you’ve developed your what and your why of real estate investing, it’s time to break everything down into manageable realities. Your goal may be to bring in $15,000 a month from real estate investing, but how are you going to get to that point? Make objectives as small as possible to keep your momentum moving to reach the bigger picture.
  • Become Good At Fast Math: In the real estate investing game, the early bird often get’s the worm. That being said, you can bring up your skills by analyzing your current deals and crunching numbers. Practice breaking down amounts into generalized percentages. You’ll become faster at finding these outcomes with practice, and it will help your negotiation and deal making skills in the future.
  • Network Continuously: This doesn’t mean we think you should be spending all of your time at trade shows or real estate conventions. Instead, make sure that your investing passion shines throughout your personality. You never know what simple conversation could lead to your next big deal!
  • Fine Tune Your Systems: Having step-by-step guides designed for things such as a tenant approval or a flipping plan can save you a lot of headaches and time in the future. Take the time to create systems that are effective and efficient, in order to leave the guess work out during a tricky time down the road.

What are you resolving to do this year in your real estate business? Let us know what you plan to add, remove, and change, in order to make your investing more worthwhile!

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