The David Whitney Building Opens In Detroit And Is Quickly Booked Solid

By mousa

On December 19th, the David Whitney Building in downtown Detroit was officially renovated and re-opened for business. The old and historic building has been repurposed to hold over 100 apartments and 136 hotel rooms. We hope you weren’t planning on getting a peak inside anytime soon, because word of the opening spread quickly, and the David Whitney was officially booked solid!

All 108 apartments managed by The Residencies in the Whitney building were snatched up and accounted for by the end of the weekend. Additionally, all of the hotel rooms housed inside the beautiful gem were occupied, and it’ll be difficult to find a reservation in the near future. This is excellent news for the Trans Inns Management, Inc. company that has been overseeing the entire David Whitney restoration project. Vice President of Acquisitions, Mike Damitio, stated that people have been running to the doors for months and have been very anxious for the opening of the lofts, hotel, restaurant, and boutique.

Still want to try your luck at getting a spot inside one of the luxurious new apartments? The good news is that the management group is still accepting applications and placing potential residents on a waiting list. Those who have already been accepted and ensured a spot will be moving into the David Whitney building in early 2015.

A recent article on Curbed showcased the inside of one of the spacious and lofty apartments. These customized spaces gave way to open air plans, bright and bold colors, and large windows with stunning views of the city of Detroit.

The giant renovation project that encompassed the David Whitney Building cost nearly $95 million from start to finish, and took over 3 years to complete. The building couldn’t come at a better time for the Trans Inns Management group, as they are anxious for the high traffic for the hotel and restaurant during the 2015 Auto Show.

Want to see what it looks inside now? Stop on by to have a drink at the WXYZ bar and Re:mix lounge. You can also take your own personal walking tour of the historic grounds, admiring the beautiful skyline views and impressive lobby. While many were skeptical of the Aloft brand taking over the renovations of this historic building, they have managed to successfully incorporate both old and new elements into the David Whitney building. The city hopes this becomes a hot spot for tourists and residents alike, bringing the notoriety of the David Whitney building back to the spotlight.


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