Tiger Stadium Renovations Start Now!

By mousa

The site of Tiger Stadium holds an iconic presence for Detroit natives. With news of the area receiving renovation and uplifting efforts, many are left wondering what will happen to the legacy of the old grounds. Will future generations stand in awe of what was once Tiger Stadium? Recently, we found out that the answer is a resounding yes!

The main field will be restored for youth organizations to make use of home base, once again. Additionally, while still keeping the integrity of the field intact, the Police Athletic League will find home to a new headquarters at Michigan and Trumbull. However, the most enticing news of this recent development is the new retail and residential facilities that will be popping up, right by the old stadium grounds.

The Larson Reality Group will be overseeing the nearly $45 million production to renovate this area of Detroit. Their new plan also holds an appropriate name, allowing everyone to breathe a sigh of relief: Tiger Stadium Partners, LLC.

Eric Larson, CEO of the Larson Reality Group, expressed his excitement over the project in a recent interview. With the ever expanding growth of Corktown, Larson Reality truly believes that this new and unique project will sprout even more energy and life into the city of Detroit.

Plans for The Field: The city of Detroit has appointed Kansas based company, Pendelum Studios, to help create more monuments to Tiger Stadium. With priceless memorabilia, high quality lighting, gated entries and exits, along with seating for over 2,000 guests, the field is sure to bring in an excited crowd.

Plans for Retail & Residential: Corktown has begun booming with more and more families moving into the city. The new residential development will hold over 100 rental properties, and another location that will develop nearly 25 town homes. Additionally, over 30,000 square feet will be allocated for retail developments.

The main concern for the Larson Reality Group is to ensure that anything being built is manageable and affordable. They are looking to bring back some of the historic elements of Detroit, with row housing and at angles that mimic the layout of Tiger Stadium, before it was demolished.

Detroit entrepreneurs will also be enticed with this new space, as over 50% of the retail space will be allocated to Detroit businesses. Additionally, funds to help create start-up businesses will be put in place, in order to fill up the retail spots.

With all of the news hitting the media quickly, many are exciting and eager to see the work get started soon. Many feel that Detroit and Tiger Stadium are worthy and deserving of such a fabulous upgrade.

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