Why You Should Buy A Home During The Holidays

By mousa

With the end of the year festivities already under way, purchasing a property or home is probably the last thing on your list. However, we suggest that you shouldn’t wait until the new year to consider snagging up property. If you have all your financial ducks in a row, don’t wait! Here are just a few reasons why we suggest buying a home during the holiday season.

December Is Serious Business

For those who are seasoned veterans in the real estate business, they know that December can be one of their busiest months for purchasing property. Many even stick to negotiations all the way up to New Years Eve. Why do they persist so much during this time? Most of the competition has already packed their bags, put up their feet, and have dug into the Christmas cookies. Get ahead of the game and start your near year off to a great start with a new property!

Affordable Prices

December tends to have some of the lowest prices in homes, out of any other month of the year. While home values are starting to rise, it is at a slower pace, which means you can still take your time. Finding a good deal in December is easier, and allows you to avoid any spikes in resale value in the new year.

Sellers Want Out

If someone is choosing to sell their home during the holiday season and end of the year, chances are they need to be out of their property fast. Maybe they’re recently divorced, starting a new job, or have personal resolutions that need to be addressed before January. Regardless of the reason, this puts any buyer in a more advantageous position. Your chances for negotiation and finding the best deal are higher in December, so take it seriously!

Savings For Taxes

The end of the year is when everyone is scrambling to lower their taxes to the least amount possible. When you close on a home or property before New Year’s Eve, you’ll be privy to some great tax breaks. You’ll be able to deduct any purchasing costs, interest in your mortgage, and property taxes in the new year. This will also allow you to build up equity and save you a bundle down the road!

Have you started looking for properties yet? What are you waiting for! There’s on a few weeks left, so start searching and find yourself the best Christmas present money can buy!

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