Why Landlords Need Professional Detroit Property Management for Professional Tenants

By Own It Detroit

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Tenant screening is the most important step any landlord can take to protect themselves against problem renters. Many landlords rely on their gut instinct and a cursory background check to make their decision. Still, this approach leaves them vulnerable to professional tenants who look like an excellent choice during the review process. 

The key to avoiding these situations is to have a plan for dealing with problem residents and understanding how they operate. Dealing with professional tenants requires a professional solution! Here's why a Detroit property management company is your best resource to handle these problem residents.

What Is a Professional Tenant?

It might seem like a "professional" tenant should be a good thing. However, to be "professional" at anything means you're really good at it! In the case of professional tenants, they are good at fooling property owners into thinking they're placing a good tenantwhile in reality, these renters are some of the worst residents you'll deal with. 

Professional renters look great on paper and often present well during the interview process, either in an in-person meeting, property showing, or a virtual conversation. Their applications "look" good, and by all appearances, they seem like an excellent choice to become your next resident. 

However, if allowed to move into your rental, these renters quickly become a nightmare for real estate investors. They don't pay the rent and often cause property damage. They don't care about following the rules, and in extreme cases, they abandon your property without notice, leaving you with a mess to clean up and no rental income to cover the costs. 

When we talk about the "professional" aspect of these renters, we mean that you are not the only victim. They've likely done the same thing to landlords throughout Detroit, one after the other. When they finally leave your property, they're on their way to do the same thing to another rental property owner. These tenants simply move from house to house, leaving investors with damaged property and income loss everywhere they go. 

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What Can a Property Owner Do?

If we've just described someone currently living in one of your Detroit rental properties, we're here to help. Talk to your lawyer and a team of seasoned property management professionals to deal with the situation. 

Gather Documentation

Make sure you have good records of past-due rent, reminders, and communication (or lack thereof) with the residents. Excellent documentation of broken rules and rent nonpayment makes a case your lawyer can use to help you begin the eviction process. Documentation should also include photos of property damage caused by the tenants. 

Protect Yourself With Professional Property Management Services

Unfortunately, independent landlords are vulnerable to dealings with professional tenants. They see DIY property owners as easy targets, and they have great success taking advantage of inexperienced landlords to cause costly problems. 

Protecting yourself, properties, and income from this type of renter is easier with professional property managers. Professional tenants know they won't get past a property management expert during the screening process, and they won't have the opportunity to live rent-free in a home in violation of a lease agreement. 

The right Detroit, MI property manager has the experience to recognize the signs of a professional tenant and keep them from moving into your property. If you're dealing with one now, the best property management company takes care of the problem (while following the law) before it gets worse. 

Avoid Professional Tenants

With the right Detroit, MI property managers, investors also have the best resource to avoid these tenants altogether. A thorough tenant screening process helps bring to light the red flags of a potential professional renter, including:

  • Missing information on the rental application
  • Gaps in the rental history
  • Fake references (including prior landlords that aren't really landlords)
  • Offering cash upfront (with a request to skip the background and credit check)
  • Displaying extensive knowledge of landlord-tenant laws and the rental process

Knowing the signs and keeping these residents out of your properties is the best way to deal with professional tenants! The right property management firm already has processes in place to identify problem residents and ensure that they never move into your rental properties. 

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A Detroit Property Management Company Handles Professional Tenants

As a landlord, it’s essential to find the perfect tenant for your propertybut how can you really know who is coming in? Professional renters are stealthy, and they will work hard to convince you that they are great tenants. Then when the move-in day arrives, they become nightmare residents that don't pay the rent and damage your rental property. 

That’s why we recommend working with a Metro Detroit property management team! Own It Detroit helps landlords avoid these unfortunate situations by providing expert screening services so that only the best residents get into their properties. Want more information on what makes use an excellent choice for real estate investors? Whether you have a few properties or hundreds of rental units, we'd love the opportunity to talk with you about how our property management services can help you avoid bad tenants.

Professional tenants don't stand a chance with the best Detroit property management company! Download our free guide to learn what to look for in expert property managers.

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